How to stay on top of your foreign exchange exposures

foreign exchange - C4C

If your company operates in international environments, you have to manage currency exposures resulting from your business activity. Exposures result from transactions in different currencies, specific operational costs or because of the denomination of the market your organization operates in.

For international organizations, local subsidiaries might use local functional currency engaging both into inter-company and domestic transactions.

Your challenges

With 24/7 Global Markets and variety of currency exposures and pairings, you need to optimize your transactions and manage your transition costs the right way. Dealing with currency pair liquidity and having the need for business understanding and awareness, you need the right tool to help you tackle these challenges. You want to enable your organization to effectively manage your foreign exchanges exposures.


The whole process in one solution

With the FX Manager you’re able to manage all steps in the process of foreign exchange exposures. From capturing to automation.

Capture your source system connectors, consolidate internal data and external pricing sources and monitor on complex calculated variables. From there you’ll be able to analyze real-time mark-to-market currency results on the operational performance, activate lower commissions by reducing the number of outside transactions and generate automated transaction recommendations taking into account your risk profile.